ETCC Weller Soldering Tip

The ETCC is a single flat, 3.0mm soldering tip from Weller.
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  • ETCC: ET Series Single Flat Solder Tip, 3.0mm, for EC1201A/PES51 Irons
  • Soldering Tip Round Sloped 45 ° Ø 0.126 Inch Width 0.126 Inch
  • For universal soldering jobs
  • Very good performance
  • Wide range of tips
  • Maximum durability and longlife


  • Diameter in inches: 0.268
  • Length mm: 34.5
  • Diameter in mm: 6.8
  • Length inches: 1.358
  • Width in mm: 3.2
  • Width in inches: 0.126
  • Tip shape: Single Flat

The Weller ETCC is a ET Series Single Flat Solder Tip, 3mm, for EC1201A and PES51 Irons.

The sensor hole in the base of the tip is fitted with a stainless steel liner to prevent the tip from seizing to the sensor.

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