FA400-04 Hakko Fume Extraction

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FA-400 Smoke Absorber


  • Can be used in a vertical (standing up) position or low-profile position (laying down.)
  • Unit is made of non-sloughing static dissipative conductive material and operates quietly
  • Standard activated carbon filter (PN: A1001) absorbs up to 80 percent of the odors from the air and is easy to replace
  • Uses existing 493 filters and accessories
  • ESD-safe by design

NOTE: The optional special high efficiency filter (PN: 999-198) removes up to 90% of airborne particles.


  • Power Consumption 19W
  • Absorption Capacity (w/o filter)   Vertical Position (1.1m³/min) 38.8 CFM Horizontal Position (0.5m³/min) 17.7 CFM
  • Amount of Activated-Carbon filter 7 g (0.03 lb.)
  • Max. Absorbing weight of noxious components per filter 2 g (0.01 lb.)


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