FT802-03 Hakko Soldering

The FT802-03 is a Thermal Wire Stripper soldering product from Hakko.
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Hakko FT802-03

FT-802 Digital Thermal Wire Stripper.  Patent Pending.


  • FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper
  • Upgraded design from the FT-8002 handpiece
  • Improved blade alignment with set screws to ensure alignment
  • Integrated handpiece holder to maximize workbench space and provides a shield to prevent burns
  • Holder with blade removal plate to remove the blades from the handpiece without touching them
  • Eurgonomic design and built in heat resistance
  • Uses G4 blades (an upgrade from the G2 blades)
  • G4 blades boast an optimized edge for wire stripping with superior thermal performance that make wire stripping easier


  •  FT-802 Station
  •  Power Cord B2419
  •  FT-8004 Handpiece  FT8004-81
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