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FTB-400 Exfo OTDR

The FTB-400 is an OTDR from Exfo. An optical time domain reflectometer is used to characterize optical fiber by injecting optical pulses into one end of the fiber and measuring the results from the same end. The measurements are made on the scattered or reflected signals from various points along the fiber.

Additional Features:

  • Simultaneous acquisitions and fast data post-processing
  • Scalable range of test applications and field-interchangeable modules
  • Pentium-powered Windows operating system
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution 30.7 cm transflective (TFT) screen
  • Physical and optical testing: complete fiber and signal characterization using OTDR, OLTS, PMD, CD and OSA test modules
  • Transport and datacom testing: QoS assurance validation using SONET/SDH and Ethernet test modules


  • Display: Touchscreen, color, 800 x 600 TFT 307 mm (12 1/16 in)


  • Serial RS-232
  • Parallel port
  • External monitor
  • Two USB 1.1 ports
  • Infrared (IrDA) port
  • Audio microphone In 3.5 mm
  • Audio speaker Out 3.5 mm
  • Two PCMCIA type II or one PCAMCIA type III


  • Internal 80 GB hard drive minimum (over 750 000 OTDR test files)
  • Internal 3.5 in 1.44 MB floppy drive
  • External USB read/write CD-ROM (optional)
  • Flash memory cards (256 MB) (optional)
  • NTFS file system


  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack (two batteries for two-slot receptacle, two for four-slot receptacle, four for seven-slot receptacle, two for eight-slot receptacle) > 8 h of continuous operation as per Bellcore TR-NWT-001138

Power supply 

  • 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and 12–24 VDC for the two-slot (GP-402) and the seven-slot (GP-407) module receptacles;
  • 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and 24 VDC for the four-slot (GP-404) module receptacle
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz for the eight-slot (GP-408) module receptacle

General Specifications


  • Temperature: Operating: 0 ºC to 50 ºC (32 ºF to 122 ºF); Storage: –40 ºC to 60 ºC (–40 ºF to 140ºF)
  • Relative humidity: 0 % to 95 % (non-condensing)
  • Vibration: < 1.5 g. at 10 Hz to 500 Hz (on three main axes)
  • Mechanical shock: < 760 mm on six sides and eight main edges (according to GR-196-CORE)
  • Isolation: Spillproof and splashproof
  • CE compliance: Class A certification

The Ultimate Platform for Network Experts

Technologically speaking, today's networks are more complex than ever. Thousands of components have to work in harmony, and deployment specialists are responsible for tuning entire systems for optimal network performance and ensuring that records are up to date. At the same time, fiber counts are skyrocketing, and dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) is entrenched in long-haul applications, moving into metro.

With the tough and proven FTB-400 Universal Test System from EXFO. This revolutionary test platform streamlines field-based test and measurement operations onto a single powerful platform. Welcome to multitasking in the field.

Multiple Configurations, Dozens of Options

The FTB-400 Universal Test System comes in five configurations to expand your testing possibilities.

Bus-Protector Configuration

  • Ultra-slim bus protector for using the FTB-400 as a dedicated portable computer

Two-Slot Configuration

  • OTDR module (wide selection of models) combined with an automated optical loss test (OLTS) module, perfect for fiber characterization
  • Over 500 OTDR and loss testing combinations

Four-Slot Configuration

This compact, high-power, multipurpose back receptacle houses up to four singleslot FTB test modules and offers a high-speed bus, ideal for various applications:

  • Extensive datacom testing, using the complete Packet Blazer line of modules—Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Multiservice transport testing using Transport Blazer modules in conjunction with the Packet Blazer modules
  • Dedicated OTDR, loss and Ethernet (up to 10 Gigabit) testing, combining an OTDR, the MultiTest module (OLTS) and a Packet Blazer module

Seven-Slot Configuration

  • Extensible basic and advanced fiber-optic test applications, including DWDM and dispersion analysis
  • Over 1000 testing combinations— chromatic dipersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) modules, ribbon test kits, switches for high-fiber-count testing, OTDR and loss testing

Eight-Slot Configuration

This multipurpose, high-power, eight-slot back receptacle houses any of EXFO’s FTB test modules and delivers first-class features:

  • Complete dispersion characterization—CD, PMD and OTDR—in a single platform
  • Full compatibility with the Ethernet, Fibre Channel, next-generation SONET/SDH and DSn/PDH test modules
  • High-speed bus
  • Integrated power supply (no external converter)

Test with Speed and Efficiency

Choice on the Move

Choose from a wide variety of high-performance test modules. Modules are swapped easily, which means you get to customize your test set and configure your field equipment to meet evolving needs. Perform the right tests. Get the right data. And end up with integrated test reports for a global overview of your network's performance.

Module Choices

  • Over 25 OTDR models covering all network testing applications, from core to access
  • Over 11 OLTS models for testing optical return loss (ORL) and insertion loss (IL)
  • CD analyzer
  • PMD analyzer
  • OSAs
  • SONET/SDH analyzers (up to 10 Gbit/s)
  • Next-generation SONET/SDH analyzers
  • DSn/PDH analyzers
  • Ethernet analyzers (up to 10 Gbit/s)
  • Fibre Channel analyzers
  • Switch module: faster automated acquisitions by switching between
  • one common port and multiple input/output ports
  • Modular printer for field use
  • Modular pulse-suppressor boxes (singlemode and multimode)

The All-in-One Solution

If you're looking for high efficiency, the FTB-400 Universal Test System is the answer. Benefit from advanced test operations in outsideplant installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Evolve with the latest technologies. From power readings and OTDR testing to optical switching, CD and PMD analysis, DWDM testing, protocol, datacom and data post-processing—the FTB-400 Universal Test System does it all. More importantly, the FTB line of swappable test modules continues to expand with new test applications and accelerated test routines.

The powerful FTB-400 can perform simultaneous acquisitions and data post-processing.


The FTB-400 Universal Test System complies with GR-196-CORE drop-test standards (76 cm drops on all six sides and eight corners). Plus, the tough shell and rubber bumpers mean that the FTB-400 and its precision modules survive splashes, knocks and temperature extremes.


  • 30.7 cm transflective (TFT) color touchscreen
  • Easy to view, even in direct sunlight
  • Largest LCD screen on the market
  • 800 x 600 pixel resolution


Power management is a snap, thanks to the ToolBox software. EXFO’s FTB-400 is based on the Windows® 2000 operating system, run by a Pentium-series processor with 512 MB of SDRAM.

  • Fast, intuitive Sleep mode for power conservation
  • Far-ranging operating time
  • Automated power management


Get moving faster, get results faster. New-generation processing power means acquisitions and data analysis are quicker than ever. And enjoy the advantage of EXFO's exclusive online data post-processing.

  • Quick, easy data transfer
  • Extremely fast acquisitions
  • Efficient data post-processing
  • Two USB ports
  • Infrared (IrDA) port
  • PCMCIA type III
  • Writable CD-ROM


Choose between basic and advanced testing. The two-slot configuration enables compact, dedicated loss, ORL, OTDR and Gigabit Ethernet testing. The fully equipped eight-slot configuration provides space for optical switching in high-fiber-count applications, dispersion analysis, DWDM testing, as well as transport and datacom testing. Configurations are interchangeable.


Choose your range of test applications. The FTB-400 Universal Test System combines a series of high-performance test modules in a powerful platform. The test set simultaneously runs up to eight single-slot field-interchangeable modules.

Wide-Open Test Applications

Processing power, speed and flexibility—all great features. What’s even better? Amazing benefits. While acquiring OTDR data on one set of fibers, you can perform DWDM testing with an OSA on other fibers in the cable. Then, print out concise reports on both tests. Today, this is simply the best way to streamline test and measurement operations. You'll work more effectively, speed up your test procedures in the field and save hours in the process.

You’re responsible for installing non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZDSF), qualifying DWDM SONET/SDH transmission equipment, maintaining fiber networks and qualifying each and every splice in long-haul data networks. What you need is the FTB-400. Insert any combination of OSA, PMD analyzer, OTDR, power meter, ribbon fiber test kit or high-density optical switch in the two-slot or seven-slot FTB-400 UTS and perform all your tests simultaneously.

Apply the same concepts to new access networks as well as passive optical networks (PONs). Though transmission rates are considerably lower compared to long-haul systems (OC-3/12 vs. OC-192/768; STM 1/4 vs. STM 64/256), the density and architecture of the networks (point-to-multipoint instead of point-to-point) vary enormously. The FTB-400 offers solutions adapted to all possible applications.

Data Post-Processing: Field and Desktop Efficiency

ToolBox: Standard Software for the Field and Desktop

The FTB-400 Universal Test System comes with ToolBox software, which supports a wide range of EXFO field-testing modules: OTDR, MultiTest (OLTS), optical switch, OSA, PMD analyzer and chromatic dispersion (CD) analyzer, as well as SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fibre Channel test modules. ToolBox also comes with Power Meter Result Viewer, Batch Processor Light and data transfer functionalities.

Fast-Track Data Post-Processing with FastReporter Software

The optional FastReporter software package provides you with the post-processing tools and functionalities you need to achieve flexible, fully integrated data analysis, whatever the application. Designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data, FastReporter offers a truly intuitive graphical user interface, which contributes to boosting productivity.

Powerful Batch Processing

Automate repetitive operations on large numbers of OTDR test files, and optimize your productivity. Document an entire cable in a matter of seconds. Adjust your cable parameters and detection thresholds and perform batch analysis. Open OTDR files from various vendors’ equipment and convert them to the universal Telcordia format.

Bidirectional Batch Analysis

Analyze an entire cable in just two steps. View data for all events on all fibers, and at each wavelength, on a single screen.

Live Templating for OTDR Testing

Benefit from one-step file management at any wavelength. Keep full control by adding or removing events manually, or add/remove events automatically using a reference. Get uniform, detailed cable reports.

Flexible Reporting

Choose from various report templates, including loss and ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD and fiber characterization. Generate comprehensive cable reports in PDF, Excel or HTML format.

Multimedia Advantages

  • Pentium-series processor. Essential for speed and multitasking operations
  • PCMCIA type III device (two-slot) supports
  • Flash memory cards (256 MB) (optional)
  • Ethernet/Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) network card for remote control from a PC or another FTB-400 (optional)
  • Fax modem (56.6 kbit/s) (optional)
  • 512 MB SDRAM. Quick access to internal memory
  • IrDA port and two USB 1.1 ports. Speed up data transfer
  • Internal 3.5-inch 1.44 MB floppy drive
  • Serial and parallel port. Printer and other peripherals
  • 30.7 cm color touchscreen resists spills and splashes. High-resolution, especially under bright light conditions
  • Dial. Quick-select software functions
  • External monitor port
  • Microphone port. Built-in or external
  • Sound card and speaker. Audible alarms
  • Lightweight casing. Splashproof protection of optical and electronic components
  • EXFO headset interface
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