FU500-71X Hakko Soldering

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  • FU-500-71X Feeder Controller unit with 3 wired cord
  • Input Voltage: 127 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 35W
  • ESD Safe

Hakko’s FU-500-71X Intelligent Solder Feeder works in conjunction with the Hakko FU-601 Robotic Integration Soldering Module and can be integrated with various robotic systems to achieve low-cost soldering automation.

The FU-500-71X Intelligent Solder Feeder lends a helping hand to automatically feed the solder wire to a specific position and allows for easy adjustment of the solder feed position, which is critical for automated systems. The Intelligent Solder Feeder Unit also features a compact driver unit that allows the feed to be brought closer to the iron, increasing the accuracy of the amount of solder fed.

With an optical sensor, the FU-500 can detect solder clogging, slipping, and the end of the solder roll. The Intelligent Solder Feeder is also equipped with a mechanism that perforates into the solder wire as a countermeasure against flux and solder splash.

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