FVA-3100 Exfo Fiber Optic Equipment


Additional Features:

  • Excellent spectral uniformity of + 0.1 dB
  • Monitor output option
  • Ultra-low insertion loss
  • Programmable-using the front panel buttons, or the built-in RS-232 or GPIB interfaces
  • Singlemode and multimode


  • BER testing
  • EDFA characterization
  • System/component loss simulation
  • Accurate power-level monitoring
  • Instrument calibration
  • Linearity measurement
  • Precision variable optical source output
  • Spectral tuning
  • Optical margin analysis

High-quality components and meticulous calibration procedures make the EXFO FVA-3100 Variable Attenuator the instrument of choice for repeatable and accurate attenuation settings (up to 100 dB).

The FVA-3100 is one of our Variable Attenuators that meets system and component manufacturers’ need for accurate EDFA characterization, component and system loss simulation, instrument calibration, power meter linearity measurement and spectral tuning. Its ultra-low insertion loss of 1.5 dB enables you to optimize the loss budget.

The FVA-3100 is configured for singlemode or multimode fibers. Use it as a stand-alone instrument or mounted on a 19-inch rack (optional). Access most functions at the touch of a button and manually change attenuation with the FVA-3100's user-defined steps or on-display value editing.

The standard GPIB and RS-232 interface and control codes enable remote operation from a PC or test station. Program your own software solutions for complex test procedures and benefit from added computer capabilities. LabViEW® drivers are available.

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