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FVA-60B Exfo Attenuator

The FVA-60B is an attenuator from Exfo.


  • Low Back-Reflection of > 40 dB
  • Automatic Attenuation Sequence with Program Mode
  • Up to 70 dB Attenuation
  • ± 0.15 dB Linearity From 2.5 to 70 dB
  • 0.05 dB Resolution and ± 0.10 dB Repeatability

This hand-held variable attenuator performs just as well in a laboratory environment as it does in the field. Superior specifications (±0.15 dB linearity from 2.5 to 70 dB, 0.05 dB resolution and ±0.10 dB repeatability) make it the variable attenuator of choice for various applications. It also has low back-reflection of > 40 dB, automatic attenuation sequence with program mode, and up to 70 dB attenuation.

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