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FX300-03 Hakko Soldering

The FX300-03 is a soldering pot from Hakko.
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FX300-03 Hakko Soldering

FX-300 Solder Pot

Hakko’s FX-300 Solder Pot features analog functionality and a rugged ceramic heating element. This soldering pot is lead-free compatible and can accommodate two pot sizes.

The Hakko FX-300 analog, Lead-Free compatible, soldering pot features:

• Analog functionality

• Variable temperature control

• Ceramic heating element

• Easy pot replacement

• Accomodates two pot sizes (50 mm and 75 mm square)

• Use the two pots for different solder compositions and use the different pot sizes with the same unit

• Optional pot available (with special treated coating) for longer life


50 x 50 mm square crucible is included with the unit

75 x 75 mm square crucible is an optional part

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