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FX8003-81 Hakko Soldering Iron

The FX8003-81 is a 300 W Nitrogen-Compatible soldering iron from Hakko.
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  • Preheating effect: The hot N2 gas is effective for preheating
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Powerful thermal recovery: Can be used in combination with your existing high power soldering station, HAKKO FX-801
  • N2 System: Can be used in combination with the HAKKO FX-780/FX-781 and HAKKO FX-791 to create an N2 System
  • Power consumption: 260W (29V)
  • Temperature range: 50 to 500ºC
  • Tip to ground resistance; <2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential; <2mV
  • Heating element: Composite heater
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • Total length: 253mm (with 4BC tip)
  • Weight: 65g (with 4BC tip and nozzle assembly A)

The Hakko 8003-81 is a Soldering Iron without tip, nitrogen compatible, for use with FX-801, FX-8003.

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