GCP-300 Instek Current Probe

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  • Bandwidth: DC ~ 300kHz
  • Max Measure Range: 200A and 20A (10mV/A) (100mV/A)
  • Overload Indicator
  • Designed to measure AC and DC current
  • Equipped with an AC power converter
  • Designed to give priority to the external power supply


  • Harmonic Current Measurement
  • Inrush Current Measurement
  • Current Ripple and Noise Measurement


  • Bandwidth: DC ~ 300kHz
  • Max Cable Dimension: Φ11mm
  • Max Peak Current Value DC: 200A; AC: 140Arms
  • Output Voltage Rate: 100 mV/A; 10 mV/A
  • DC Amplitude Accuracy: ±3% ±50 mA at 100 mV/A (50 mA to 20 A peak range) ±4% ±50 mA at 10 mV/A (500 mA to 80 A peak range) ±15% max at 10 mV/A (80 A peak to 200 A peak range)
  • Dimension: 280mm x 70mm x 32mm
  • Weight: 260 g (9.5 oz) (without battery)
  • Max Rated Voltage: CATIII 300V/CATII 60V
  • Power Source: AC/DC adapter or a square 9V battery

The GCP-300, GCP-500 and GCP-1000 are designed to measure AC and DC current. The test frequency range of GCP-300 is from DC to 300kHz; GCP-500 is from DC to 500kHz and GCP-1000 is from DC to 1MHz. For the current measure range of GCP-300 is from 50mA to 200A; GCP-500 is from 30mA to 150A and GCP-1000 is from 20mA to 70A. (Do not clamp the probe onto circuits with voltages greater than 600 VAC) The current probe is equipped with an AC power converter and designed to give priority to the external power supply. If there is no 9V alkaline battery or the power is insufficient, the AC power converter can be used to provide power so that the measurement will not affected.

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Amps200 A
Frequency300 kHz
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