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GCP-530 Instek Current Probe

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The GCP-530 is a 50 MHz, 30 A current probe from Instek. Current Probes are an integral part of any electrical power testing toolbox to ensure accurate measurements, reliability, and safety. Purchase a current probe set with your oscilloscope. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities. Choose the probe that complements your system. We carry new and used current probes from major industry brands.

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Additional Features:

  • Probe bandwidth: DC ~ 50 MHz
  • High S/N ratio: Ideal for measuring mA signals
  • DC and AC Measurements 
  • Better than 1% Accuracy
  • Direct connection to high-impedance 1 Megohm BNC oscilloscope inputs
  • Demagnetize switch: Demagnetizes the core to remove any residual magnetism
  • For the GDS-3000/GDS-2000A/GDS-2000E/MSO-2000E Series

The Instek GCP-530 Clip-On Current Probe provides accurate meaurement of DC and AC currents up to 30Arms from DC to 50 MHz.

Optionally available power supplies useful for oscillosocpes lacking probe power:

  • GCP-206P Two-channel power supply for GCP-530 and GCP-1030 Current Probes
  • GCP-425P Four-channel power supply for GCP-530 and GCP-1030 Current Probes
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