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GDS-1102-U Instek Digital Oscilloscope

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The GDS-1102-U is a 100 MHz, 2 channel digital oscilloscope from Instek. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency and rise times, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • 2 Input Channels
  • 250MSa/s Real-Time
  • 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time Sampling
  • 4k Memory Length per Channel
  • Peak Detect as Fast as 10ns
  • Save/Recall of 15 Front Panel Settings & Waveforms
  • 5.7" TFT Color Display
  • 19 Auto Measurements
  • Math Function: Add, Subtract, FFT
  • USB Host and Device Ports
  • Go/NoGo Function
  • Data Logger
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Accessories Supplied:

  • User manual
  • Power Cord
  • Probe-GTP-100A-4 : 100 MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe (one per channel)

The Instek GDS-1102-U is a 2 Channel, 100 MHz, Digital Oscilloscope with a sample rate of 250MSa/s and a record length of 4Kpts. The Instek GDS-1102-U provides an excellent balance of performance between memory length and sampling speed. Other major features include user-friendly menu tree operations, compact size, ergonomic design, USB host for PC connectivity and USB device port support. The GDS-1102-U is designed to meet today's most demanding engineering requirements and budgets.

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