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GEN600-5.5 Lambda DC Power Supply


The GEN600-5.5 is a 3300 Watt DC Power Supply from Lambda. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-600V
  • Current: 0-5.5A
  • Power: 3300W
  • High Power Density 3.3kW in 2U
  • Wide Range of popular worldwide AC inputs, 1Ø(230VAC) & 3Ø(208VAC, 400VAC)
  • Active Power Factor Correction (Single-Phase & Three-Phase AC Input)
  • Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Interface Standard
  • Last Setting Memory; Front Panel Lockout
  • Advanced Parallel reports total current up to four identical units
  • Global Commands for Serial RS-232/RS-485 Interface
  • Reliable Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment
  • Independent Remote ON/OFF and Remote ENABLE/DISABLE
  • Reliable Modular and SMT Design
  • 19" Rack mounted
  • Optional Interfaces: Isolated Analog Programming and Monitoring, IEEE Multi-Drop-SCPI, LXI Compliant LAN Interface, USB Interface
  • Labview and LabWindows drivers

The Lambda GEN600-5.5 is a programmable AC/DC power supply that sets a new standard for flexible, reliable, power systems in OEM, Industrial and Laboratory applications. Active PFC, Standard RS-232/RS-485 and world-wide inputs head a long list of standard features.

This member of the Genesys product family of programmable switching power supplies provides high power density, low ripple and a complete set of user-friendly interfaces. In addition to high power density, popular worldwide single and three phase inputs are available. Inputs are available for either 230 VAC - single phase or 208 VAC or 400 VAC - three phase, 50/60 Hz with Active Power Factor Correction of 0.99 single phase and 0.92-0.94 three phase. This assures operation in difficult AC environments and meets European EMC requirements. 

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