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GPM-8213 Instek Power Meter

The GPM-8213 is a power meter from Instek.
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  • 4” TFT LCD
  • Two data display modes
  • Standard: two major measurement items + six secondary measurement items
  • Simple: displaying test data of four different measurement items
  • Met the requirement of IEC 62301 power measurement
  • Voltage/ current test frequency bandwidth: DC~6kHz
  • Watt resolution: 1mW
  • Lowest current range: 5mA, resolution : 0.1uA
  • Current/voltage measurements reach CF=3 for distorted wave and CF=6 for half range
  • W-h (power vs time)/A-h (current vs time) integration function
  • Total harmonic distortion measurement
  • Front panel test terminal
  • Standard interface: RS-232C, USB device, LAN
  • Optional interface: GPIB
  • Optional test fixture: GPM-001


  • Safety Instruction Sheet x 1
  • Power cord x 1
  • Test lead GTL-209 x 1
  • CD x 1 (including complete user manual and USB driver)

GW Instek GPM-8213 power meter is designed specifically for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power supply’s power measurements. Powerful features, including 4” TFT LCD, five-digit measurement display, 19 power measurement parameters, integral measurement function, high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities, front/rear panel input terminals, and various communications ports, are to facilitate users with clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements.

GPM-8213 provides as many as 19 power measurement parameters, including voltage (Vrms/ V+pk / V-pk), current (Irms/ I+pk / I-pk), frequency (VHz/ IHz), power (P/ P+pk / P-pk), crest factor (CFV/ CFI), apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), phase angle (DEG), total harmonic distortion (THDV/ THDI), high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities (reading: ±0.1%; level: ±0.1%). The advantages of TFT LCD have been efficiently deployed to simple mode and standard mode.

Simple mode displays conventional power meter’s four measurement parameters to meet the requirement of accuracy and clarity for the test on manufacturing process. Standard mode extends the display to the maximum of 8 measurement parameters (2 major measurements + 6 monitor measurements) to satisfy the various measurement application requirements of R&D, design, and quality verification.

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