GSS6100 Spirent Generator



  • 1 channel of GPS L1 C/A code
  • GPIB (IEEE-488), USB or RS-232 control interfaces
  • Alternative "instant start" continuous mode at power-on
  • Supplied with SimCHAN PC software
  • User control over test parameters including power level, Doppler, PRN, GPS time and data message
  • Rack mount 2U chassis
  • Comprehensive control ICD for easy integration into manufacturing test rigs
  • In-rack annual calibration
  • L1 SBAS message support


  • For many applications, a single channel GPS signal simulator is the preferred way to ensure that each device produced meets defined parameters. While multi-channel GPS testing is essential during R&D, integration and verification testing, in a manufacturing environment many applications prefer a single channel to stimulate the receiver in a test mode. Controlled GPS testing in this way assures correct assembly and verifies expected performance parameters.

The GSS6100 is designed specifically for high volume manufacturing test applications for devices that include a GPS L1 C/A code receiver. The unit can be controlled remotely via standard interfaces including IEEE-488.

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