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HD160C Amprobe Accessory

The HD160C is an accessory from Amprobe.
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  • Highest voltage capability, measuring to 1500 V DC and 1000 V AC
  • Special sealing for environment and water resistance: IP67 rated
  • Constructed with drop-resistant housing and PCB mounting
  • Measures capacitance, temperature and frequency
  • Superior 10,000 count resolution with bar graph
  • Magne-Grip™ holster, frees both hands for work
  • Digi-Glo™ bright backlight
  • Display 4 digit LCD, 9999 counts, with annunciators, menu features and 41 segment bargraph.
  • Polarity indication automatic
  • Input overload indication OL, -OL.
  • Auto power-down


  • HD160C
  • Test leads
  • Batteries (installed)
  • Magne-Grip™ holder with magnetic hanging strap

The Amprobe HD160C Heavy Duty Multimeter is designed for professional use in harsh environments. Its made using waterproof construction to prevent dirt, grime and moisture from entering the case and causing inaccurate readings or damaging shorts. Built with tough, fire-retardant thermoplastic that is resistant to grease and chemical spills and with shock-mounted components that are drop resistant to at least 8 feet, the Amprobe HD160C is unusually rugged and reliable. It has an extended voltage measurement capability of 1500 V DC and 1000 V AC, unmatched by any other line of digital multimeters. The extended voltage ranges can withstand transients up to 12 kV, and it also measures temperature.

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