HDO4054A-MS Teledyne LeCroy Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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  • HDO4054A-MS 12-bit HD, Mixed Signal, 500 MHz, 4+16 Ch, 10 GS/s, 12.5 Mpts/Ch with 12.1" WXGA Color Display 
  • Mixed Signal Capability - Debug complex embedded designs with integrated 16 channel mixed signal capability
  • 4 input channels
  • Up to 10 GS/s with Enhanced Sample Rate
  • One touch user interface
  • Exceptional Serial Data Tools
  • Unique 12-bit ADC resolution, up to 15 bits with enhanced resolution
  • ±10 V applied offset with high gain settings
  • Long Memory - up to 50 Mpts/Ch
  • MAUI with OneTouch user interface
  • Exceptional Serial Data Tools
  • Powerful, Deep Toolbox

Included with Standard Configurations (HDO4000A and HDO4000A-MS):

  • 10x Passive Probe (Total of 1 Per Channel)
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Anti-virus Software (Trial Version) 
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 P 64-Bit License
  • Commercial NIST Traceable Calibration with Certificate
  • Power Cable for the Destination Country 
  • Protective Front Cover
  • 3-year Warranty

Included with HDO4000A-MS:

  • 16 Channel Digital Leadset, Extra Large Gripper Probe Set (Qty. 22)
  • Ground Extenders (Qty. 20), Flexible Ground Leads (Qty. 5)

The HDO4054A-MS is a 500MHz, 4 channel, Mixed Signal, Teledyne LeCroy 12-bit, HD4096 high definition technology Oscilloscope. The 12.1" multi-touch display comes in a compact form factor this minimizing desk space. The HDO4054A-MS is ideal for debug and troubleshooting of power electronic designs, digital power management or power integrity analysis, automotive electronic systems, and deeply embedded or mechatronic designs.

Integrated 16-Channel Mixed Signal Capability

With embedded systems growing more complex, powerful mixed signal debug capabilities are an essential part of modern oscilloscopes. The 16 integrated digital channels and set of tools designed to view, measure and analyze analog and digital signals enable fast debugging of mixed signal designs.

Extensive Triggering

Flexible analog and digital cross-pattern triggering across all 20 channels provides the ability to quickly identify and isolate problems in an embedded system. Event triggering can be configured to arm on an analog signal and trigger on a digital pattern.

Advanced Digital Debug Tools

Using the powerful parallel pattern search capability of WaveScan, patterns across many digital lines can be isolated and analyzed. Identified patterns are presented in a table with timestamp information and enables quick searching for each pattern occurrence.

Use a variety of the many timing parameters to measure and analyze the characteristics of digital busses. Powerful tools like tracks, trends, statistics and histicons provide additional insight and help find anomalies.

Quickly see the state of all the digital lines at the same time using convenient activity indicators.

HD4096 High Definition Technology

Enables capture and display of signals with 16 times more resolution than other oscilloscopes. Waveforms captured and displayed are cleaner and crisper. Signal details often lost in the noise on other oscilloscopes are clearly visible and easy to distinguish with HD4096. HD4096 enables oscilloscopes to deliver unmatched measurement precision for improved debug and analysis.

Huge Applied Offset Range

A 16-bit offset DAC permits ±10 V offset at 20 mV/div, ±4 V at 5 mV/div, and an amazing ±1.6 V offset at the highest sensitivity (1 mV/div). Such large applied offsets (combined with 12 bits) make it easy to acquire and view small signal variations (e.g. ripple, noise, transient interference) on DC or sensor signals. They also provide extended offset ranges for many of Teledyne LeCroy’s high voltage probes.

MAUI with OneTouch

MAUI – Most Advanced User Interface puts all the power and capabilities of the oscilloscope right at your fingertips. Designed for touch, built for simplicity, and made to solve. MAUI with OneTouch incorporates drag, drop and flick to provide unsurpassed efficiency in oscilloscope operation. Learn more about MAUI.

Exceptional Serial Data Tools

Up to 23 standards supported – all with the industry’s best serial decoder with. Many are provided with high performance triggers. 

Powerful, Deep Toolbox

Our waveshape analysis tools and application packages provide unparalleled insight. Learn more at Periodic Table of Oscilloscope Tools. Combine our powerful, deep toolbox with up to 50 Mpts/ch of acquisition memory and the most powerful motherboard in its class – an Intel® Core™ i3-2330E Dual (core), 2.2 GHz (per core) with 8 GB of RAM standard.

More Information
ManufacturerTeledyne LeCroy
Frequency500 MHz
Record Length12.5 MPts
Sampling Rate10 GS/s
100BASET1BUS100BASE-T1 Trigger and Decode option
1553TDMIL-STD-1553 Trigger and Decode Option
ARINC429BUSDSARINC 429 Symbolic Decode Option
AUDIOBUSTDAudiobus Trigger and Decode Option for I 2S, LJ, RJ, and TDM
AUTOCAN, LIN and FlexRay Trigger and Decode Option
CANBUSTDCAN Trigger and Decode Option
CANFDBUSTDCAN FD Trigger and Decode Option
DIGRF3GBUSDDigRF 3G Decode Option
DIGRFV4BUSDDigRF v4 Decode Option
EMBI 2C, SPI and UART Trigger and Decode Option
FLEXRAYBUSTDFlexRay Trigger and Decode Option
HDO4KA L 25 Mpts/ch (50 Mpts interleaved) memory
I2CBUSTDI 2C Bus Trigger and Decode Option
I3CBUSTDI3C Trigger and Decode Option
LINBUSTDLIN Trigger and Decode Option
MANCHESTERBUSManchester Decode Option
NRZBUSDNRZ Decode Option
PMBUSTDPMBus Trigger and Decode Option
POUCHAccessory Pouch
PWRPower Analysis Option
RACKRack Mount Accessory
SMBUSTDSMBus Trigger and Decode Option
SOFTCASESoft Carrying Case
SPACEWIREBUSDSpaceWire Decode Option
SPECTRUM1Spectrum Analysis Option
SPIBUSTDSPI Bus Trigger and Decode Option
UARTRS232BUSUART and RS-232 Trigger and Decode Option
USB2BUSTDUSB 2.0 Trigger and Decode Option
WIN10Upgrade to Windows 10