HV10-MX2 Vitrek Accessory

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  • 10KV Dual Input (HV/Cont) Single Output (+) Bus


  • High Voltage Ratings to 3KV, 7KV, 10KV or 15KV
  • High Current Ratings to 40 Amps
  • Reduces hazardous operator exposure to high voltage
  • Improves test quality, consistency and repeatability
  • Enhances end product quality and reliability
  • Up to 64 channels in a single compact unit
  • Vitrek Hipot Tester control ports and RS232 interfaces standard
  • GPIB optionally available
  • May be controlled directly by Vitrek Hipot Tester
  • Available QuickTest™ graphical software with full data aquisition
  • CE mark certified to EN 61010
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