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HVA4321 NF Corporation Amplifier


The HVA4321 is an Amplifier from NF Corporation. Amplify RF and Microwave signals to measure, test, and design circuits. Applications include radio communications, cellphones, EMI testing, and much more.


  • Constant voltage mode
  • Large amplitude characteristic DC to 7 kHz
  • Small amplitude characteristic DC to 45 kHz (–3dB)
  • Slew rate 500V
  • Constant current mode
  • Large amplitude characteristic DC to 4 kHz
  • Small amplitude characteristic DC to 10 kHz (–3dB)
  • Slew rate 1mA
  • High precision voltage/current monitor output
  • Small output residual noise
  • Protection function
  • Alarm lamp contact output
  • High voltage output indicator
  • Output voltage, current limiter
  • Power source for lighting discharge tube


  • Research & Development and manufacturing of Photo conductor process
  • static electricity application test and research
  • Piezo actuator drive
  • Application test and research of corona discharge
  • Lighting power source for discharge tube

The HVA4321 10 kV AC/DC amplifier is a constant voltage/constant current amplifier capable of ±10 kVpk and ±10 mApk. Since the unit has a DC bias signal source, it can be used as a DC power supply that is individually capable of high voltage output. Since external AC signal and DC signal input are allowed, it can also be used as an amplifier capable of high voltage output. 

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