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HX750 Neslab Manufacturing Test Equipment


The HX750 is a Chiller from Neslab. Every newly manufactured electronic product requires a manufacturing test to ensure its proper performance and quality. Engineers use manufacturing tests in the last phase of the production process to ensure a product operates according to accepted standards.

Additional Features:

  • Standard temperature range: C: 5° to 35°, F: 41° to 95°
  • Ambient temperature range: C: 13° to 35° F: 55° to 95°
  • Stability: C: +/- 0.1°, F:  +/- 0.2°
  • Condenser: air or water cooled
  • Reservoir size: 40 Gallons/151.4 liters
  • Cooling capacity: 60 Hz at 20°C 24,000 watts, 50 Hz at 20°C 19,920 watts


  • Sputtering
  • CMP
  • Test equipment
  • Laser engraving, Laser machining
  • MRI, CT, Linear accelerators
  • Printing, Injection molding, Military applications, Reactor vessels

The NESLAB HX 750 chiller offers the tight stability (± 0.1°C) necessary to keep critical processes running at constant temperatures. Better process control keeps your equipment running at optimal levels, giving you the results you need.

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