IFF-45TS IFR Analyzer

The IFF-45TS is a analyzer from IFR. Analyzers are key tools to test electronic equipment in the engineering, medical, automotive, and technological industries. Use analyzers for monitoring the performances of many different types of electronic devices. You may need analyzers for the measurement of components such as audio spectrums, voltages and currents, signals, and frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • Dual I/O for diversity transponder or sum / difference interrogator testing
  • Separate RF I/O for direct connection to equipment under test, or connection to antennas for over-the-air testing
  • May be configured with optional interfaces supporting AIMS 97-900 (external KIT-1C, KIR-1C Mode 4), or appliqué AIMS 04-900 Type A or AIMS 04-900 Type B Mode 4/5 cryptographic equipment
  • Software Defined Radio design provides waveform flexibility and future growth potential
  • Dual-signal generators can produce coordinated signals for echo and interference testing
  • Antenna ports provide one watt signal generator outputs and -60 dBm sensitive receivers to allow for extended range over-the-air testing
  • Maximum dynamic range of transponder receiver can be tested at a range of up to 30 ft. using a unity gain antenna
  • Can produce levels above MTL at up to 10,000 ft. (greater distances or power levels are achievable with a directional antenna)
  • Remote interfaces: GPIB, USB, RS-232 and Ethernet

Typical applications include:

  • Support for engineering development of Mark XIIA equipment (Mode 5)
  • Manufacturing ATE for Mark XIIA equipment
  • Support for AIMS 03-1000 and DO-181 certification testing Over-the-air testing of Mark XIIA equipment
  • Test range to 3 km with appropriate antennas
  • Ramp testing of installed equipment performance

The IFR IFF-45TS is an RF signal simulator that provides support for AIMS Mark XIIA transponders and interrogators. It operates under remote control from a computer or ATE system and provides versatile signal generation and measurement capability of Mark XIIA system signals in bench and over-the-air applications.

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