IMPULSE 4000 Fluke Defibrillator Transcutaneous Analyzer

The IMPULSE 4000 is a Defibrillator Transcutaneous Pacer analyzer from Fluke.


  • One Analyzer For All Your Defibrillator & Pacer Testing Needs
  • Defibrillator energy, charge time, and cardioversion testing
  • Transcutaneous pacemaker testing
  • 12-lead ECG with independent output simulation
  • RS-232 port for medTester 5000B, medTester 5000C, or PC control
  • 50 programmable automated test sequences
  • Standard interactive training scenarios
  • Standard interface for defib training manikins
  • Large 4-line by 40-character LCD display

The Fluke Impulse 4000 is a defibrillator and transcutaneous pacemaker analyzer that meets the specified pacer test load requirements of major manufacturers (Physio-Control, Zoll Medical, MDE, Hewlett Packard). With the Impulse 4000, you can add optional pacer modules (sold separately) that provide up to four possible test loads. These modules plug directly into the side panel of the Impulse 4000, and can be "activated" with just the push of a button.

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