IQS-1600 Exfo High Speed Power Meter

The IQS-1600 is a high speed power meter from Exfo.


  • 800 nM Fiber Optic Optical Power Meter Module
  • Wide selection of power meter options, to better fulfill specific requirements
  • 1, 2 or 4 detectors on a single module
  • Two optical head models—the Ultra-High-Power™ (40 dBm) model, and the wide-area, low-PDR (± 0.005 dB) model
  • Interface module for controlling 1 or 2 different optical heads
  • Continuous sampling rate of up to 5 kHz

The IQS-1600: High-Performance Features

With the automatic gain range feature, power fluctuations of up to 95 dB stabilize within 15 ms, and a continuous sampling rate of up to 256 samples per second can be achieved.

You can also manually select the gain range for individual channels. In this case, dynamic range is limited to the selection; but in return, stabilization times are shorter (as little as 1 ms), with sampling rates as high as 4096 samples per second.

The synchronization capability of the IQS-1600 High-Speed Power Meter complements the high sampling rates. This high-speed power meter provides two types of synchronization triggers, a power level trigger and a TTL voltage (electrical) trigger.

For both, synchronization of all optical channels (2- and 4-channel models) is simultaneous.

The IQS-1600 comes with front panel InGaAs detectors, with an impressive –85 dBm sensitivity. The following options are available:

Wide Area Detector

Select the wide area detector for highly repeatable in-process testing of passive components long before they are connectorized. Combined with EXFO’s line of bare fiber adapters, the IQS-1600W Power Meter enables accurate, efficient measurements over all telecom transmission bands.

Low-PDR Detector

A second detector option, specified for very low polarization-dependent response (IQS-1600 PL, with a PDR of ± 0.005 dB), provides better relative uncertainty. Even with highly polarized sources such as DFB or tunable lasers, minor variations in the test setup (patchcord movement or pinching) don't affect readings beyond specified values. For IL or very low PDL component measurements, this detector provides optimal accuracy.

Easy Fiber Handling

Use the BFA-3000 Universal Bare Fiber Adapter (not included) to perform measurements for unconnectorized components on the 3 mm detector of the IQS-1600W High-Speed Power Meter or OHS-1700 Optical Head. Select the FOA-3000 Adapter to connect the BFA-3000 to the power meter module.

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