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K420 Tektronix Cart

The K420 is a cart from Tektronix.

Additional Features:

  • Stable/Mobile Platform
  • Tiltable Shelf for Optimum Viewing
  • Workbench Height
  • Heavy-duty Nylon Instrument Straps
  • Surge and Noise Suppression
  • Surge-protected Four Outlet Power Strip Accessory


  • Instrument Transportation
  • Mobile Work Bench
  • Instrument Sharing Tool


  • Weight: 26 kg, 57 pounds
  • Shelf Tilt: 0° to 26°
  • Shelf Loading: 82 lb. (37 kg) per shelf
  • Drawer Dimensions: 19.5 in. x 22 in. x 4 in. (496 mm x 559 mm x 102 mm)



  • Overall Cart: 635 mm, 25 inches
  • Top Shelf: 502 mm, 19.75 inches
  • Bottom Shelf: 508 mm, 20 inches


  • Overall Cart: 780 mm, 30.7 inches


  • Overall Cart: 620 mm, 24.4 inches
  • Top Shelf: 533 mm, 21 inches
  • Bottom Shelf: 533 mm, 21 inches

These sturdy, portable carts are specifically designed for the Tektronix TDS Series Oscilloscopes used in digital design, telecommunications service and installation and manufacturing environments. The tiltable shelf is rack-width to accommodate your instruments. The cart handle can serve double duty as a probe drape.

In addition, the spacious accessory drawer provides convenient storage for power cords, probes, manuals, and small parts.

Instruments shown are not included with purchase of the cart.

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