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L225 Avery Berkel Manufacturing Test Equipment


The L225 is manufacturing test equipment from Avery Berkel. Every newly manufactured electronic product requires a manufacturing test to ensure its proper performance and quality. Engineers use manufacturing tests in the last phase of the production process to ensure a product operates according to accepted standards.

Additional Features:

  • Digital Scale
  • A clear display that can be read in any light conditions
  • Keyboard with function, alpha and numeric keys
  • Internal clock allowing you to display and print time and date
  • Optional integral tally roll printer 
  • Splash–proof keyboard

The L225 machines are among the most powerful and versatile microprocessor–based industrial indicators available. They have a range of built–in functions which include product listing, counting, filling, checkweighing, weighbridge operations and packing runs, all configurable during installation.

For ease–of–use the indicators have a product look up (PLU) feature. PLUs can store product, totals and other information which can be recalled during operation. This is especially useful for repetitive operations and fundamental to product listing.

A dual platform weighing option allows you to connect two platforms to the indicator and display them simultaneously or singly using a key to switch from one platform to the other.

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