LD-200P Global Specialties DC Electronic Load

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Additional Features:

  • AC Input: 120/240 V switchable 
  • Max Power: 200 W
  • Operates between 1-63 V, 10 mA-15 A 
  • High resolution: 20 mV, 1 mA, 0.1 W, 0.1
  • List mode with 9 steps
  • CV, CC, CP & CR operating modes
  • Built in USB interface and downloadable software
  • Over voltage (OVP) & over current (OCP) protection
  • Interface: USB/RS232

The Global Specialties LD-200P is a 200 Watt, 63 Volt, 15 Amp DC Electronic Load. The LD-200P can be used for testing and evaluating a variety of DC power sources. Reliably test up to 200 W. The load can operate in CC, CV, CP, or CR mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real time. Overvoltage (OVP) and overcurrent (OCP) protection will help protect your valuable prototypes and circuits.

More Information
ManufacturerGlobal Specialties
Current15 A
Voltage63 V
Power200 W
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