LFG1300S Leader Function Generator


Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 0.002 Hz-2 MHz in 8 decade ranges
  • Max. Level: 20 Vpp
  • Linear and logarithmic sweep: 20 ms to 5s, 10:1 to 1000:1, internal or external VCG
  • Output signals: sine, triangle, square, puls, sawtooth, DC and TTL

The LFG1300S is a general-purpose signal source with a broad range of research, design, and service applications. Covers the frequency range from 0.02 Hz to 2 MHz (uncalibrated to 0.002 Hz) and provides sine, square, triangle, ramp, and pulse output signals. Pulse symmetry is variable over a 9:1 range and, unlike many other instruments, changing the symmetry does not appreciably affect the output frequency.

Linear and logarithmic sweep frequency outputs are available with sweep widths up to 1000:1. Output level is controlled by a calibrated 70 dB attenuator (10 dB/step) with continuous adjustment between steps. The output may be frequency or amplitude modulated by an external signal. A level control also provides suppressed carrier outputs.

More Information
Frequency2 MHz
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