LI-3P-132 Com-Power LISN

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Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 150 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Fully Compliant with CISPR 16-1-2/ANSI C63.4
  • Remote Switching of Line Under Test
  • Four-conductor, 50Ω/50μH Networks appropriate for both 3Ø Delta and Wye Power Configurations
  • Application: Power Line Conducted Emissions Tests
  • Standards: ANSI C63.4, CISPR 16-1-2
  • Type: 50Ω/50 μH, (4) Conductor Network
  • Frequency Range: 150 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Insertion Loss (Voltage Division Factor): <0.7 dB
  • Isolation: >40 dB
  • Three-Year Warranty

Input Power Ratings for Equipment Under Test (EUT)

  • Current (maximum continuous, per line): 32 Amperes
  • AC Voltage (maximum): 500 Volts rms (line to line), 288 Volts rms (line to ground)
  • DC Voltage (maximum): 705 Volts DC


  • Remote Interface Power Inputs: 6 Volts DC (unregulated), 500 mA (LISN and RLI-100 Remote LISN Interface)
  • Cooling Fans Power Input: Not Applicable

Input/Output Connectors

  • Power Input Port Plug (affixed to LISN chassis): Schneider Electric P/N: 83874
  • Power Input Socket (for power input cable): Schneider Electric P/N: PKF32M745
  • Power Output Port Socket (affixed to LISN chassis): Schneider Electric P/N: PKF32F745
  • Power Output Port Plug (for EUT power cable): Schneider Electric P/N: PKE32M745
  • RF Measurement Port: 50Ω - N-Type (female)
  • Fiber Optic Ports: Avago Duplex Latching POF Jack (LISN and RLI-100 Remote LISN Interface)
  • Remote Interface Power Input Ports: 5.5/2.5 mm Power Jack (LISN and RLI-100 Remote LISN Interface)
  • Cooling Fans Power Input Port: Not Applicable


  • Operating Temperature: 40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
  • Cooling for LI-3P-132: Louvered Side Panels

The following items are included:

  • Mating Socket Connector for Power Input Cable
  • Mating Plug Connector for EUT Power Cable
  • RLI-100 Remote LISN Interface
  • Fiber Optic Cable (30 meters)
  • (2) AC Power Adapters (6 VDC, 500 mA, unregulated)
  • AC Power Adapter (15 VDC, 500 mA, unregulated) (LI-3P-163 and LI-3P-1100 models only)

These LISNs provide the necessary measurement platform for performing power line conducted emissions compliance testing as required by most worldwide standards for commercial products.

The LISNs perform each of the following functions during the measurement:

  • provide a defined, stable impedance across the measurement frequency range;
  • isolate the EUT and measurement circuit from the power source, thereby minimizing its influence on the measurements; and,
  • couple the disturbance voltages to the coaxial measurement port, which connects to the measuring instrument.

The LISNs use air-core inductors to prevent saturation and and permeability variation. The mounting plates are left unpainted in order to facilitate connection to earth ground in their installation, which is essential due to high leakage currents.

The side panels for each LISN are louvered for cooling purposes. The LI-3P-163 and LI-3P-1100 also include two internal cooling fans operated by a switch on the rear panel.

Remote or Local Operation

Remote switching of the line under test (L1, L2, L3, N) is performed using the RLI-100 Remote LISN Interface, which controls the LISN via fiber optic connection.

In addition to the remote method, the line under test can also be selected using the mechanical, four-position switch located on the front panel of the LISNs.

Using either switching method, the lines which are not selected are internally terminated into 50 ohms, while the selected line is terminated by the 50 ohm input impedance of the measuring instrument.

Transient Protection

The Com-Power LIT-153A Transient Limiter is a recommended accessory for protection of the RF input of your measuring instrument from potentially damaging, instantaneous voltage transients.

The transient limiter also reduces the possibility of overload by incorporating two 5 dB attenuation/impedance matching pads, in addition to its low-pass and high-pass filter sections which further attenuate any out-of-band emissions.


Each LISN is individually calibrated in compliance with the relevant requirements of CISPR 16-1-2 and ANSI C63.4. Impedance, Phase, Isolation, and Insertion Loss data is supplied with each unit, along with the certificate of calibration.

Recognized ISO 17025 accredited calibration is also available upon request.

More Information
Frequency30 MHz
Current32 A
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