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LISN-50-25-2-01 FCC LISN

The LISN-50-25-2-01 is a used LISN from FCC. A line impedance stabilization network (LISN) device is something engineers use to test radiofrequency (RF) emission and susceptibility. During an electronic equipment test, engineers place the LISN device between an alternating current or direct current power source and the equipment under test.

Additional Features:

  • The model FCC-LISN-50-25-2-01 is produced in accord with the required schematic of CISPR 16-1 and meets the frequency requirements.
  • The impedance versus frequency curve of this LISN is superimposed on the impedance curve of for the 50Ω50 µH configuration.

Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN) are specialized low pass filter networks used to measure common mode conducted emissions from power lines.

The impedance versus frequency of an LISN must match the requirements of the test specification being applied to the EUT. Most LISN attributes are defined in CISPR 16-1. The most widely used LISN's present a 50Ω impedance to the EUT. The 50Ω impedance was selected because theoretical and empirical data have shown that the power circuitry statistically looks like a 50Ω impedance to standard electronic equipment and RF test equipment is typically designed for 50Ω input.

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