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LPL600-600-20 Amrel DC Electronic Load


The LPL600-600-20 is a 600 watt DC Electronic Load from Amrel. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 60V
  • Current: 20A
  • Power: 600W
  • 1U high & “Zero” Stackable
  • Maximize ROI: In-rack Closed-case Calibration
  • Ultra-low Compliance Voltage: Ultra-low Voltage Operation
  • Reliable: Individual FET Protection to Isolate Power Stage Failures
  • Maximized Uptime: Redundant Over-temperature and Over-power Protection
  • Fast Response: 25us Independently Programmable Rise/Fall Time
  • Quiet: Fan Speed Control for Reduced Acoustic Noise Under Light Load Conditions.
  • Flexible Test Platform: Five Modes of Operation: CC, CR, CV, CP and Pulse Load Shaping
  • Intuitive Front Panel Control: User-friendly Function Keys, Full Keypad & Digital Encoder
  • Integrated DMM: 14-bit 5-digit Voltage and Current Measurement Display
  • Two Loads in One: Ultra-low Current Range Option for Optimized Accuracy
  • More Ranges: 3 Full Scale Ranges (100%, 50% & 10%)
  • More Protections: Anti-oscillation & Programmable Protections: OV, UV, OC, UC, OP, & UP
  • More Interfaces: Co-resident GPIB/RS-232 & Field-enabled Ethernet/USB Option Available
  • ATE Ready: Standard LabWindows and LabVIEW Drivers and SCPI Command Set
  • Bench-top Test Automation Ready: Four Step Profiles; 32 Step Points for Each Profile

AMREL’s LPL Series of "Low-profile" dc Electronic eLoads occupies only 1U (1.75”) of rack space, while offering the industry’s highest power density, making it an ideal ATE solution. With the industry’s widest model selection, the LPL Series ranges from 150W to 800W without the added cost of a mainframe or sacrificing valuable rack space. For an economical solution with all the necessary ATE capabilities in an ultra-compact package, the LPL eLoad is your clear choice.

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