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M72 HT Instruments HiPot

The M72 is a HiPot from HT Instruments. HiPot, or high potential, is a class of electronic test equipment used to verify electrical insulation. Engineers use HiPot-testing instruments on cables, wires, circuit boards, appliances, electric motors, and transformers. As a product ages, its insulation may break down and result in current flow leakage. HiPot testers keep engineers safe from current leakages by detecting gaps and defects in the electronic device. Dielectric Testers, Insulation Testers, and Megohmmeters are similar to HiPot testers. Popular manufacturers include Biddle, Megger, Fluke, Associated Research, Quadtech, Instek, and Slaughter.

Additional Features:

  • Insulation Resistance measurement with 250, 500 VDC
  • Measurement range up to 1Gohm
  • Automatic discharging object after test
  • Continuity test of protective conductors with 200mA
  • Auto calibration of test leads
  • DC Voltage
  • AC TRMS Voltage
  • Automatic detection of AC/DC signals
  • AC TRMS Current with optional external clamp
  • AC TRMS Leakage current with optional external clamp
  • Resistance
  • Continuity test with buzzer
  • Frequency with test leads
  • Frequency with optional external clamp
  • Phase sequence indication at 1 or 2 wires method
  • Phase coincidence indication at 1 or 2 wires method
  • MIN/MAX/AVG functions
  • PEAK function with response time 1ms
  • HOLD function
  • Auto Power OFF

Standard Accessories:

  • KIT0075: Set 2 cables with leads  + 2 alligator clips
  • BORSA75: Carrying bag
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick reference guide


  • HT96U: Rigid clamp 1-100-1000A AC, diameter 54mm
  • HT4003: Rigid clamp 400A AC, diameter 30mm
  • HT4004N: Transducer clamp 10-100A DC
  • NOCANBA: Adapter Hypertac female/Banana males


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
  • IEC/EN61557-1
  • IEC/EN61557-2
  • IEC/EN61557-4
  • IEC/EN61557-7
  • LVD 2006/95/CE Directive
  • VDE 0100

The M72 is one of the four multifunction testers belonging to the new MULTITEST family of portable digital testers designed to perform Insulation Resistance and Continuity measurements of earth conductors according to VDE and IEC standards on civil electrical installations. M72 multifunction installation tester also includes other features as phase sequence with 1 wire method, leakage current with optional transducer clamp and a powerful DMM function for TRMS measurements of voltage and current ideal for troubleshooting both in civil and industrial environments. Voltage and current peak measurement in 1ms is very useful for inrush current evaluation of electrical motor devices.

Like all models of MULTITEST family M72 has a large LCD display for easy readings, a modern and ergonomic external case, an innovative and user-friendly electronic range selector as well as a protective rubber holder to prevent accidental damage.

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