M8195A Agilent Keysight HP Generator



  • Sample rate up to 65 GSa/s
  • High channel density: 1, 2 or 4 channels per module, synchronization of up to 16 channels on 4 modules with the M8197A multi-channel synchronization module
  • Built-in frequency and phase response calibration
  • Embedded DSP enables real-time waveform and impairment generation
  • (in conjunction with the 81195A optical modulation generator software)


  • Coherent optical– a single M8195A module can generate 2 independent I/Q baseband signals (dual polarization = 4 channels) at up to 32 GBaud and beyond
  • Multi-level / Multi-channel digital signals - generate NRZ, PAM4, PAM8, DMT, etc. signals at up to 32 GBaud. In addition, protocols such as HDMITM, C-PHYTMand D-PHYTM are supported. Embed/De-embed channels, add Jitter, ISI, noise and other distortions
  • Physics, chemistry and electronics research – generate any mathematically defined arbitrary waveforms, ultra-short yet precise pulses and extremely wideband chirps
  • Wideband RF/µW -generate extremely wideband RF signals with an instantaneous bandwidth of DC to 25 GHz for aerospace/defense/communication applications
  • Random interference (RI) source to application, requires M8070A

The Keysight M8195A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) provides up to 65 GSa/s, 25 GHz bandwidth, 8 bits vertical resolution, and up to 4 channels in a 1-slot AXIe module - simultaneously.

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ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
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