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MCC-HDDD MicroCare Cleaners

The MCC-HDDD is a Heavy-Duty Parts Industrial Degreaser, 55 Gallon Drum cleaner from MicroCare.


  • MCC-HDDD Heavy-Duty Parts Industrial Degreaser, 55 Gallon Drum
  • Must ship via freight - cannot be shipped via air
  • Heavy-Duty Parts Degreaser cleans fast, dries even faster
  • Low-aroma
  • Strong cleaner – test on soft plastics, paint and protective coatings before widespread use
  • A double-dose of high-pressure propellant to blast the grime away (safety glasses are recommended to minimize risk from over-spray)
  • Chemical Family: HFC blend
  • VOC Content: 757 (g/L)
  • No residue/no rinsing
  • Nonflammable for added safety
  • ESD-safe
  • Fast-drying for speedy cleaning
  • Special Note: Because of the high-pressure propellant, this aerosol is not TriggerGrip cleaning system compatible
  • RoHS/WEEE/REACH/EPA SNAP compliant

Technical Details

  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
  • Odor: Slight Etheral
  • PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA): 200
  • Boiling Point: 41°C / 106°F
  • Chemical Family: HFC Blend
  • Evaporation Rate: Fast
  • Cleaning Strength (kb): 110
  • Active Ingredients: Hydrofluorocarbons and trans
  • Flashpoint: None
  • VOC Organic Content (g/L): 939
  • Ozone Impact (O.D.P.): Zero
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant
  • Safety Rating: Non-flammable
  • Specific Gravity: 1.26
  • Viscosity: 0.48
  • Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC: 37.9


  • Multi-purpose parts degreaser cleans most oils, grease, inks and grime
  • It also works on removing wax and some conformal coatings
  • Chemically perfect for cleaning gears, pulleys, tracks, cable assemblies and a host of similar parts
  • Blasts grime from metal, plastic, ceramic components

The MCC-HDDD Heavy-Duty Parts Degreaser is one of the strongest degreasers from MicroCare.

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