MD8430A Anritsu Communication Analyzer



  • Supports LTE-Advanced Pro testing with 6CCs Carrier Aggregation (CA) and less  
  • Supports Dual Connectivity test
  • Supports Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) test
  • Supports LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD Release 12
  • Supports up to DL 6CCs and UL 3CCs for Carrier Aggregation (CA) 
  • One MD8430A supports CA handover, 4×4 MIMO and 8×4 MIMO, etc
  • Supports full-digital fading test
  • Supports DL 2 Gbps, UL 300 Mbps throughput test  
  • Inter-RAT tests making effective use of previous MD8480C (UTRAN/GERAN), and MD8475A (CDMA2000) hardware investments
  • Optimized investment from first R&D to protocol conformance testing
  • Full development and analysis toolset cuts L1, L2 and L3 scenario development time and costs
  • Supports LTE Cat-M/NB-IoT


  • Frequency Band: Max. 20 MHz

A choice of MD8430A models designed for early chipset and UE development, function tests, and performance tests ranging from carrier acceptance to protocol conformance tests, plus retrofit upgrades between models, allows developers to customize their hardware investment to current needs while assuring flexible future upgrade options.

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