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MDO3LMT Tektronix Module

The MDO3LMT is a module from Tektronix. This module is used with Tektronix oscilloscopes to provide more measurement capabilites.
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Additional Features:

  • Limit and Mask Testing Application Module
  • Conduct limit test Pass/Fail testing against a “golden” waveform with tolerances
  • Perform mask testing on ITU-T, ANSI T1.102, and USB standards
  • Perform mask testing on custom user-defined masks
  • Detailed test statistics provide insight into true signal behavior
  • Customizable tests allow for multiple actions upon violations or test failures
  • High waveform capture rates enable thousands of waveforms to be tested per second

The Tektronix MDO3LMT enables testing against limit templates generated from “golden” waveforms and mask testing using custom masks.

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