ME3630A Anritsu Communication Analyzer



  • communication analyzer

The ME3630A is designed to make transmission performance tests for STM-64/STS-192 network repeater sections. It consists of separate transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter is used to generate STM-64/STS-192 signals and the receiver is used to analyze these signals. The ME3630A can insert seven kinds of pseudo-random patterns (27 1 to 231 1) into the payload of STM-64/STS-192 signals, and can select between 8 kinds of mark ratio (0/8 to 8/8). All the errors and alarms essential for testing repeater sections, including B1 errors, AIS, and FERF can be added and measured. Generation and measurement of CID patterns for clock recovery performance test of the optical modules is also provided. STM- 1/STS-3 signals can be added into the output STM-64/STS-192 signal at the transmitter and dropped from the signal at the receiver. So, by using the ME3630A in combination with an STM-1 measuring instrument such as the MP1560A, STM-1/STS-3 and path layer tests can be performed.

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