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MIT30 Megger Insulation Tester

The MIT30 is an insulation tester from Megger.
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Additional Features:

  • Specifically designed for ungrounded test samples only
  • Continuously variable test voltage, 0 - 30kV
  • Test current 0 - 330 μA
  • Output voltage accuracy, + 1.5% (full scale)
  • Built-in adjustable ionization indicator
  • Fail-safe grounding and “zero-start” switches
  • Rugged, compact, lightweight, and portable

The Megger MIT30 is a portable 30-kV insulation tester that has been developed to undertake tests on UST (ungrounded test samples). It satisfies the demand for a variety of high voltage, high accuracy, and low current applications. The MIT30 CANNOT be used on grounded/ earthed test samples. Otherwise, the unit will be damaged.

The MIT30 has a test current of up to 330 μA, and userselectable trip levels from 0 to 360 μA. The MIT30 provides protection to the test piece against flashovers (arcing) and further damage in the event of a breakdown. An audible ionization indicator gives an audio indication of any electrical discharges present during the test period.


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