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MP1777A Anritsu Data Analyzer

The MP1777A is a Data Analyzer from Anritsu. A data analyzer enables serial data analysis for digital hardware. These analyzers help engineers and others investigate all types of digital hardware, monitoring the equipment for things such as comparison and glitch detection, output timing, data stability, and the validity of output data transfers.
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Additional Features:

  • World's first Jitter Analyzer that fully conforms to ITU-T O.172 standard at 10Gb/s
  • OC-48/STM-16, OC-96/STM-32, OC-192/STM-64 rates available as tandard
  • Supports various FEC rates for Undersea Cable Transmission Systems and Modules
  • OTN (per G.709 OTU-2) system and module testing at 10.709 Gb/s with MP9677B
  • Automatic Jitter Tolerance, Jitter Transfer and Jitter Sweep Measurement
  • Jitter Evaluation up to 80 MHz with maximum Jitter Modulation Amplitude of 3200 UIp-p
  • Built-in Modulator and Demodulator

The Anritsu MP1777A is a perfect analyzer for jitter testing of clock recovery module, Mux/Demux, Encoder/Decoder, SONET/SDH and Submarine Transmission System. The Anritsu MP1777A is an easy-to-use, PC controlled operation reduces set up time and improves the efficiency in testing.

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