MP2100B Anritsu Digital Oscilloscope



  • Built-in 4ch BERT and sampling oscilloscope
  • Simultaneous 4ch Bit Error Rate (BER) measurements
  • High-quality waveform PPG (1 ps rms Jitter)
  • High-input sensitivity (10 mVp-p minimum input sensitivity)
  • High-speed Eye Mask test and Eye pattern analysis at 150 ksample/s max.
  • Supports differential signal BER measurement, Eye Mask test and Eye pattern analysis
  • Up to six built-in Bessel filters for full-featured application support
  • Compact (18 cm deep) test set for optical module evaluation
  • Simultaneous measurement of BER, Jitter, Eye pattern and Eye Mask
  • Supports WDP measurements
  • Calculates optimum values for sampling simultaneously with equalizer and emphasis values to display Eye Pattern
  • Simultaneous Eye Pattern, Eye Mask and Jitter measurements of simulated waveform

The BERTWave MP2100B is an all-in-one test set with built-in BERT and available sampling oscilloscope supporting evaluation of optical modules, including BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, Eye pattern analyses, etc. A BERT and sampling oscilloscope are required measuring instruments for evaluating optical modules used by optical communications systems. Previous evaluations of optical modules, such as QSFP+ and SFP+ modules, required provision of a separate BERT and sampling oscilloscope. However, the BERTWave MP2100B incorporates a BERT supporting from one up to 4 channels as well as an optional sampling oscilloscope in a single, compact, 18 cm deep cabinet, slashing equipment investment costs and saving bench-top space. In addition, the BERTWave MP2100B reduces measurement times by eliminating the need to change cable connections at simultaneous BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, and Eye pattern analyses. Additionally, adding the SFP+ plug-in port supports optical BER measurements.

More Information
Frequency40 GHz
Record Length1 MPts
Sampling Rate250 kS/s
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