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MPP300 HT Instruments Curve Tracer

The MPP300 is a Curve Tracer from HT Instruments. A curve tracer, or curve checker, is a type of electronic test equipment engineers use to analyze semiconductor device characteristics. Curve tracers contain current and voltage sources to stimulate the equipment under test (EUT). A curve tracer applies a swept voltage to two terminals of the EUT, measuring the level of current flowing at each voltage.
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Additional Features:

  • DC/AC TRMS voltage meas. (single-phase and three-phase)
  • DC/AC TRMS current meas. (single-phase and three-phase)
  • DC/AC power measurement (single-phase and three-phase)
  • Simultaneous measurements up to 3 strings (max 3 MPPT)
  • Connection with master unit SOLAR300N and SOLAR I-V
  • Power supply with rechargeable Li-ION battery
  • LED operating indications
  • USB port for connection to unit SOLAR300N
  • RF connection for connection to SOLAR-02 and SOLAR I-V
  • Internal memory for saving recordings

Standard accessories:

  • KITMPPACC: Set of 4 alligator clips for AC voltage measure
  • KITMPPACW: Set of 4 cables for AC voltage measurement, 2m
  • KITMPPDCC: Set of 2 alligator clips for DC voltage, 3 pcs
  • KITMPPDCW: Set of 2 cables for DC voltage measurement, 3 pcs
  • YABAT0003HT0 : Li-ION rechargeable battery
  • A0055: External adapter AC/DC recharging battery
  • BORSA2051: Carrying bag for accessories
  • C2007: USB cable
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick reference guide


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
  • LVD 2006/95/CE Directive

The innovative accessory MPP300, used together with SOLAR300N or SOLAR I-V, allows measuring and recording the main parameters which characterize single-phase and three-phase, single-string and multi-string (up to three strings) photovoltaic systems. MPP300 is perfect for use in systems with three-MPPT three-phase inverter and in three-phase systems provided with three single-phase inverters. MPP300 is provided with a practical anti-shock “field” case, lightweight and small in size.

The front panel carries the LEDs for operating information and the DC and AC inputs for upstream and downstream connection of the inverter(s). MPP300 interfaces with SOLAR300N via USB connection and SOLAR I-V via wireless connection. SOLAR300N and SOLAR I-V are used for MPP300 settings, to start/stop recording electrical and environmental parameters and to enable the download of the recorded values. 

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