MS2 3M Accessory Kit


Additional Features:

  • 4053-PM separation tool 
  • Easily separates DPM modules
  • Addition of rear spring holders and unilength hooks to all kits 
  • Allows interruption-free cut-outs of existing splices
  • Extra traverse clamp/head clamp in all double-head setups 
  • Increased craft productivity
  • Extra check comb on all double-head setups 
  • Virtually eliminates wiring errors by double-checking tip and ring placement
  • TMK support rig in two kits (replacing the 4046 split support tube) 
  • Allows maximum flexibility in mounting applications for pedestals, racks, manholes, etc.

The 3M MS2 Super-Mini and Super Mate Splicing Modules provide the reliability of gas-tight soldered connections, plus the efficiency of multi-pair splicing. You can have faster and more accurate craftwork, better housekeeping, plus the proven performance of MS2 Modular System Splicing. As basic components of MS2 Modular System Splicing from 3M, the 4000 Series Super-Mini and 4005 Series Super Mate Modules are building blocks of a systematized splicing technology that can reduce installation time in outside or inside plant, reduce reworking demands, and save both time and effort in your construction and maintenance programs.

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