MS4630B Anritsu Network Analyzer


Additional Features:

The Anritsu MS4630B is particularly well suited to accurate, high-speed evaluation of IF filter resonance and group delay characteristics, as well as evaluating the impedance charac-teristics of resonators in AV equipment and personal computers.

A fast sweep speed of 150 us/measurement point is achieved using a high-speed synthesizer and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. The post-processing data analysis functions have been strengthened with improved data-processing macros that have greatly increased the total production throughput. Multi-marker function Up to 10 markers can be set independently for each channel. The marker list function can be used to display all tabular data and wave-form information simultaneously at each marker. High-accuracy group delay measurement

Limit test function Device pass/fail evaluation can be performed on the MS4630B in real-time using the single and segmented limit test functions.
The Anritsu MS4630B Network Analyzer is suitable for electronics production lines demanding fast and accurate device measurements from 10 Hz to 300 MHz.
Dynamic range of 120 dB (RBW: 1 kHz) permits out-of-band measurement of filter.
Group delay characteristics can be measured with a high degree of accuracy at a resolution of 1/10,000 of the measurement range.

More Information
Frequency300 MHz
1070 dB Mechanical Output Attenuator
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