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MS9710A Anritsu Optical Analyzer


The MS9710A is a Optical Analyzer from Anritsu. An optical spectrum analyzer, also called an optical analyzer, is a precision instrument that measures the power of an optical source. This electronic test equipment is for monitoring power distribution over a specified wavelength span. It displays the measurement in a graph, where power is the vertical scale and wavelength is the horizontal scale.

 Additional Features: 

  • Characterization of LED's, Fabry-Perot LDs, and DFB LDs
  • EDFA Noise Figure and Gain
  • Polarization MODE Dispersion measurements
  • Transmission characteristics of passive elements such as isolators and filters
  • Application Measurements: optical pulse, wavelength, power level and SNR up to 300 DWDM. Can also be used for PMD and EDFA noise floor measurements.
  • VGA output connector
  • Many options available
  • Wavelength auto calibration
  • Tracking and tunable laser source
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