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MSO5104B Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


The MSO5104B is a 1 GHz, 4+16 channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope from Tektronix. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency, rise time, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

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Additional Features:  

  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • Channels: 4 Analog and 16 Digital
  • Sample Rate: 10 GS/s
  • Record Length: 50 Mpts
  • >250,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate with FastAcq™ acquisition
  • FastFrame™ segmented memory acquisition mode with up to 290,000 segments and >310,000 waveforms per second capture rate
  • Standard 10 MΩ passive voltage probes with less than 4 pF capacitive loading and 500 MHz or 1 GHz analog bandwidth
  • >11 bits vertical resolution using HiRes sampling
  • User-selectable bandwidth limit and DSP filters for lower noise and better measurement accuracy
  • Wave inspector® controls provide easy navigation and automated search of waveform data
  • Suite of advanced triggers, with standard Visual Trigger and Search
  • 53 automated measurements, selectable filtering, waveform math and FFT analysis
  • Waveform histogram, eye diagram, TIE (jitter/timing) measurement and analysis
  • User-definable math using MATLAB, Visual Studio and Excel
  • Optional analysis for memory, advanced jitter, serial data, power and Wideband RF
  • Trigger and decode options for mid-speed (100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s) buses
  • Trigger and decode options for low-speed (<10 Mb/s) buses
  • Compliance test options for USB2.0, Ethernet, USB power, MOST, BroadR-Reach
  • Mask testing on communication, computing and video standards

Mixed signal design and analysis

  • 16 digital channels (user upgradeable)
  • MagniVu™ high-speed acquisition provides 60.6 ps timing resolution on all digital channels
  • Automated triggering, decode, and search on parallel buses
  • Per-channel threshold settings

Standard Accessories:

  • One passive voltage probe per analog channel: 1 GHz, 10X, 3.9 pF
  • Front cover
  • Touchscreen Stylus
  • User Manual (please specify language when ordering)
  • Advanced Search and Mark, DPOJET Essentials, Visual Trigger and Search, Limit Test, and SR-CUST Custom serial analysis license all included standard
  • Accessory pouch, Mouse
  • Calibration Certificate documenting measurement traceability to National Metrology Institute(s), Z 540-1 Compliance and ISO9001
  • Power Cord (please specify power plug option when ordering)
  • P6616: 16-channel logic probe and Logic probe accessory kit
  • One-year warranty

The Tektronix MSO5104B oscilloscope provides exceptional signal fidelity, with 1 GHz bandwidth and 10 GS/s sample rate, along with advanced analysis and math capabilities, on your bench and in your lab. Run Windows®-based analysis software right on the oscilloscope. Point and click Visual Triggers enable you to capture complex signals with ease. The Tektronix MSO5104B includes 16 digital timing channels, and all models can be equipped to decode common serial protocols, providing a comprehensive view of your systems.

Accurate high-speed probing
The TPP Series probes, included standard with every MSO/DPO5000B Series oscilloscope, provide up to 1 GHz of analog bandwidth, and less than 4 pF of capacitive loading. The extremely low capacitive loading minimizes adverse effects on your circuits and is more forgiving of longer ground leads. And with the probe's wide bandwidth, you can see the high frequency components in your signal, which is critical for high-speed applications. The TPP Series passive voltage probes offer all the benefits of general-purpose probes like high dynamic range, flexible connection options, and robust mechanical design, while providing the performance of active probes.

Fast discovery
To debug a design problem, first you must know it exists. Every design engineer spends time looking for problems in their design, a time-consuming and difficult task without the right debug tools. The MSO/ DPO5000B Series offers the industry's most complete performance to capture and isolate events, providing fast insight into the real operation of your device. Tektronix proprietary FastAcq™ technology delivers a fast waveform capture - greater than 250,000 waveforms per second - that enables you to see glitches and other infrequent transients within seconds, revealing the true nature of device faults. A digital phosphor display with color intensity grading shows the history of a signal's activity by using color to identify areas of the signal that occur more frequently, providing a visual display of just how often anomalies occur across all channels.

High vertical resolution
If the measurement requirement is to capture high-amplitude signals while seeing smaller signal details the MSO/DPO5000B provides the acquisition flexibility needed to capture the signals of interest while removing the effects of unwanted noise. With HiRes acquisition vertical resolution can be increased to over 11 bits while reducing signal noise. Signal fidelity can be further increased by using channel input filters or applying a wide choice of DSP filters.

Long record length
With up to a 250 M point record length, you can capture many events of interest, even thousands of serial packets, in a single acquisition for further analysis while maintaining high resolution to zoom in on fine signal details. For complex analysis like Time Interval Error (TIE) measurements the longer record length ensures you have enough data captured for handling clock recovery and creating jitter profiles. Unlike other oscilloscopes in its class, the MSO/DPO5000B provides flexible setup of both record length and sampling rate to ensure optimum resolution.

Segmented memory
For more efficient data capture, partitioning of memory can extend the total time captured. FastFrame™ Segmented Memory mode enables you to select up to 290,000 memory segments with a trigger capture rate of over 310,000 triggers per second. Beyond memory flexibility, segments are time stamped and can be viewed individually or as an overlay and analyzed using advanced features like protocol decoding.

Mixed signal design and analysis (MSO Series)
The MSO5000B Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes provide 16 digital channels. These channels are tightly integrated into the oscilloscope's user interface, simplifying operation and making it possible to solve mixed-signal issues easily. MSO functionality can also be added later as a user upgrade.

Color-coded digital waveform display
The MSO5000B Series has redefined the way you view digital waveforms. One common problem with other mixed-signal oscilloscopes is determining if data is a one or a zero when zoomed in far enough that the digital trace stays flat all the way across the display. To avoid this problem, the MSO5000B Series has color-coded digital traces, displaying ones in green and zeros in blue.

The multiple transition detection hardware of the MSO5000B Series will show you when the system detects more than one transition. This indicates that more information is available by zooming in or acquiring at faster sampling rates. In most cases zooming in will reveal a glitch that was not viewable with the previous settings.

MagniVu™ high-speed acquisition
The main digital acquisition mode on the MSO5000B Series will capture up to 40 M points at 500 MS/s (2 ns resolution). In addition to the main record, the MSO5000B provides an ultra high-resolution record called MagniVu which acquires 10,000 points at up to 16.5 GS/s (60.6 ps resolution). Both the main and MagniVu waveforms are acquired on every trigger and either can be displayed at any time, running or stopped. MagniVu provides significantly finer timing resolution than comparable mixed-signal oscilloscopes on the market, instilling confidence when making critical timing measurements on digital waveforms.

Versatile trigger and search
Discovering a device fault is only the first step. Next, you must capture the event of interest to identify root cause. The MSO/DPO5000B Series provides a complete set of triggers - including runt, glitch, width, timeout, transition, pattern, state, setup/hold violation, serial packet, and parallel data - to help quickly find your event.

Visual trigger
Finding the right characteristic of a complex signal can require hours of collecting and sorting through thousands of acquisitions for the event of interest. Defining a trigger that isolates the desired event and shows data only when the event occurs speeds up this process. Visual Trigger and Search makes the identification of the desired waveform events quick and easy by scanning through all waveform acquisitions and comparing them to on-screen areas (geometric shapes). Areas can be created using a variety of shapes including triangles, rectangles, hexagons, trapezoids, and userspecified shapes to fit the area to the particular trigger behavior desired.
Set up to eight areas and condition based on Boolean logic conditions.

Navigation and search
Finding your event of interest in a long waveform record can be time consuming without the right search tools. With today's record lengths pushing beyond a million data points, locating your event can mean scrolling through thousands of screens of signal activity.

The MSO/DPO5000B Series offers the industry's most comprehensive search and waveform navigation with its innovative Wave Inspector® controls. These controls speed panning and zooming through your record. With a unique force-feedback system, you can move from one end of your record to the other in just seconds. User marks allow you to mark any location that you may want to reference later for further investigation. Or, automatically search your record for criteria you define. Wave Inspector will instantly search your entire record, including analog, digital, and bus data.

Along the way it will automatically mark every occurrence of your defined event so you can quickly move between events. The standard Advanced Search and Mark capability of the MSO/DPO5000B Series can even search for up to eight different events simultaneously and stop a live acquisition when it finds an event of interest, saving even more time.

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