MSO68B-6-BW-8000 Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The MSO68B-6-BW-8000 is a 6 Series B MSO with 8 GHz, 8 Channel, 12.5 GS/s, 62.5 MPts mixed signal oscilloscope from Tektronix.
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MSO68B-6-BW-8000 Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Tektronix MSO68B 6-BW-8000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 8 Flex Channels, 8 GHz, 6 Series B

MSO68B Features:

  • Bandwidth: 8 GHz
  • Channels: 8
  • Vertical Resolution: 12-bits
  • Record Length: 62.5 M (standard)
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Included: Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard

Key Benefits of the 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes:

  • 12-bit ADCs and low-noise preamps for accurate measurements
  • 4, 6, or 8 inputs. Each FlexChannel™ input can be used as 8 digital channels for added visibility
  • Intuitive user interface with 15.6” HD touch display
  • TekVPITM probe interfaces support a wide range of probes
  • Powerful built-in measurements, statistics and trend plots
  • Application-specific measurements and automated testing
  • Optional built-in arbitrary/function generator
  • DVM and frequency counter free with registration
  • Optional Windows operating system
  • Upgradeable bandwidth, record length, and instrument options

More bandwidth. More channels. Less noise.

The best signal fidelity, 12-bit ADCs, up to 10 GHz bandwidth, and up to 8 FlexChannel inputs enabling you to confidently analyze and debug today’s embedded systems with gigahertz clock and bus speeds, while enjoying extraordinary convenience and user experience.


  • Industry Leading Noise Performance
  • 75% reduction in noise from the 5 Series MSO at 1mV/div
  • NEW 50 GS/s interleave on two channels provides ~2dB noise improvement at ?20mV/div

Industry Firsts

  • 4, 6 and 8 channel product family above 2 GHz
  • User Selectable Operating System
  • Standard configuration is a removable SSD with a closed embedded operating system installed behind an access Panel on the bottom of the instrument.
  • An optional SSD with a Windows 10 license can be installed behind an access panel on the bottom of the instrument.
  • When a Windows 10 SSD is installed:
  • You can minimize the scope app and get to a Windows desktop
  • You can install and run other applications on the scope
  • You can attach a second monitor and extend your desktop
  • Regardless of OS, the scope user interface runs exactly the same.
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Protocol and Analysis Options

Serial Bus Trigger and Analysis

  • Advanced Jitter Analysis
  • Advanced Power Analysis and Digital Power Measurements
  • Serial Compliance Test
  • Memory Analysis
  • Debug Test

Bandwidth Upgrades

  • 2.5 GHz
  • 4 GHz
  • 6 GHz
  • 8 GHz
  • 10 GHz

Digital Voltmeter / Trigger Frequency Counter

  • Free with product registration

Windows 10 Upgrade

  • Add solid state drive with Windows 10 license

Function Generator Upgrade

  • Arbitrary / Function Generator

Add TLP058 Logic Probes

  • Access 8 digital channels on any FlexChannel input
  • Increase Record Length
  • Increase to 125 Mpts / channel
  • Increase to 250 Mpts / channel
  • Increase to 500 Mpts / channel
  • Increase to 1 Gpts / channel
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