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MT8500 AstroMed Recorder


The MT8500 is a recorder from AstroMed. Recorders and Printers allow engineers to collect and display data in different formats.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency: DC to 500 Hz
  • Records eight 20 mm channels (expandable to 200 mm instantly)
  • Host Interface: GPIB(IEEE-488) for control of all keypad functions
  • Triggered Speed Change: Min. or Sec. switchable
  • BAUD Rate
  • Parallel Data Bus
  • Produces X-Y and X-T plots
  • 1 event marker channel / 1 system status channel

The MT8500 Multi-Task Recorder is a high-speed oscillographic recording system. It offers channel expansion capability, produces X-Y and X-T plots, captures high frequency transient waveforms, provides graphics and alphanumeric line printing, and creates its own chart. It also prints time, date and chart speed plus one channel of "on" and "off" event data. The recorder can record DC to 500 Hz full scale. The unit has 8 waveform channels, 1 event marker channel and 1 system status channel.

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