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MT981A01 Maury Microwave Tuner

The MT981A01 is a tuner from Maury Microwave. Tuners are used in in engineering and test environments to establish or transform impedances. They come in two forms: Manual Tuners and Automated Tuners. Maury Microwave is the leading manufacturer of manual and automated tuners.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 0.25-2.5 GHz
  • VSWR Matching Range: 15:1 Minimum
  • VSWR: 1.05 maximum
  • Loss: 0.3 dB maximum
  • Repeatability: 50 dB minimum
  • Step Size (Probes): 62.5 microinches
  • Step Size (Carriage): 786 microinches
  • Position Accuracy: ±1 step
  • Power Handling (At 10:1 matching range): 100 W CW, 1 kW peak
  • Connectors: Precision 14mm (Maury MPC14) Based on 1/2 stepping the drive motors
  • Length: 36.85 Inches
  • Low Loss, Low VSWR With Probes Retracted
  • Excellent Repeatability

The Maury MT981A01 automated tuners are designed for use in automated applications requiring the ability to match the impedance of a microwave circuit element to 50 ohms or to establish a specific source or load impedance for determination of optimum terminating impedances. These tuners are a key element in the Maury automated tuner system (ATS) for making load and source pull, and noise characterization measurements, etc.

The tuners are precision electromechanical instruments for broadband operation covering 0.25 to 4 GHz in two-decade frequency bands. These units are precision slide screw tuners utilizing an inherently broadband slab line design and two optimized probes to achieve extremely large matching ranges over a full decade of frequency. High precision stepper motors are linked to the two probes and the linear drive via anti-backlash mechanical assemblies to achieve high resolution and exceptional repeatability and resetability.

With the probes fully retracted, the tuners exhibit very low VSWR and insertion loss. The tuners have been designed to be capable of handling large amounts of power, such as is often required in performing load and source pull measurements.

The MT981A01 tuner must be used with the MT986 series controllers which incorporate a high speed motor drive option. Do not use the MT986A or MT986A02 controllers with the MT981 series tuners because the tuners will not operate properly.

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