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MT986B01 Maury Microwave Interface


The MT986B01 is an interface from Maury Microwave.

Additional Features:

  • Stepping Rate: 250 to 8795 steps/second
  • Position Accuracy: ± step
  • AC Power: 115/230 VAC ±10%, 48-62 Hz, 150W

The MT986 automated tuner controllers are designed to provide computer and local control of the MT97x and MT98x series of automated tuners. The controllers are fully GPIB compatible and also provide for manual control by means of front panel motor selection switches and a rotary position control. The MT986B01 will control a single tuner, while the MT986B02 will control two tuners which can be the same or different models. The MT986B01 can be upgraded to drive two tuners by the addition of the MT986M03 motor drive card set. This upgrade can be done in the field.

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