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MW8219A Anritsu PIM Analyzer

The MW8219A is a 2.1 GHz PIM Analyzer from Anritsu. Passive intermodulation PIM analyzers are useful for monitoring passive electronic components with two or more input signals.A PIM analyzer delivers fast and accurate measurement of the intermodulation characteristics of cable assemblies, connectors, filters, and antennas.

Additional Features:

  • PCS/AWS Bands 1900/2100 MHz
  • PIM: 3rd, 5th, and 7th order intermodulation product in receive band (user selectable)
  • Noise Floor: Rx noise floor of base station
  • Distance-to-PIM: Distance and magnitude of multiple PIM sources (Option 0420)

Anritsu’s handheld instruments supporting the PIM Master include:

  • Site Master™ S332E, S362E
  • Spectrum Master™ MS2712E, MS2713E
  • Cell Master™ MT8212E, MT8213E
  • BTS Master™ MT8221B, MT8222A/B

The Anritsu MW8219A PIM Master is an integrated source and receiver that generates a high-power signal that excites micro arching and PIM. These signals are picked up by the on-board receiver.

Anritsu has developed the PIM Master to verify and troubleshoot Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM). The PIM Master generates two high-power tones, usually in the transmit band of interest. The Anritsu family of handheld RF instruments has a PIM Analyzer mode for controlling the PIM Master. These handheld instruments display and measure the third-order, fifth-order, or seventh-order lower intermodulation product reflecting back from the DUT to the PIM Master.

In addition, the PIM Master can measure the Distance-to-PIM of multiple PIM sources, providing the distance to the source and its relative magnitude, both inside the antenna system and beyond.

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