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N2261A Agilent Data Logger


The N2261A is a Data Logger from Agilent. Data loggers, or data recorders, collect information over time for a variety of purposes. A data logger uses internal memory and sensors to gather and document information on a 24-hour basis. Receive an accurate and comprehensive picture of the environmental conditions you’re monitoring as the device logs this information around the clock. Use data logging to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, soil moisture levels, road traffic, tank levels, and a number of other elements.

Additional Features:

  • 40 independent relays in one module
  • High speed switching in parallel operation
  • Built-in relay cycle counters

The Agilent N2261A is a GP relay module, providing 40 independent single-pole-single-throw (SPST) latching relays. Each channel can switch up to 200 V, 1 A, and 60 W or 62.5 VA. With the Agilent N2261A, 10 switching channels can be operated simultaneously, resulting in high throughput for an automatic test system. It can be operated in either SCPI mode or 3488A mode. A pair of signals can be switched together by using a pair of channels on two Agilent N2261A modules. The Agilent N2261A can be operated in single channel break-before-make (BBM) or multiple channels open/close mode.

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